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Chocolate Coins

Chocolate Coins - Personalized Coins Personalized Chocolate Coins - Chocolate Gold Coins-Custom Chocolate Coins Corporate Chocolate Favor You will be delighted with the taste of our fabulous coins, truffles, and other sumptuous confections. By using premium-quality imported Belgian chocolate and highest-quality ingredients we achieve that intense and delicious chocolate flavor associated with famous chocolatiers, at a competitive price.


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Nothing is better than chocolate during summer and for this reason we ship 365 days a year.

Our SISPack System of insulated boxes and cold packs (at no extra cost) along with expedited shipping ensures that you receive the chocolate in perfect condition.

Corporate Chocolate Squares - PARTY FAVORS

At nearly all premium hotels, it is a routine activity to turn in the guests for the night and most of them mark the nightly turndown service with chocolate squares placed invitingly on the pillow.

This ritual of slumber time sweet treat has been in practice for many years, but what exactly led to its origin has remained somewhat of a mystery. It is said that once, when the famous actor Cary Grant came to St. Louis and stayed at The Roberts Mayfair, he wooed a woman with chocolate. It is believed that this is what gave birth to the custom of leaving chocolate pieces on the hotel pillows at night. Whatever the history behind this 'sweet' ritual may be, the fact is that it has received whole-hearted approval of the guests. Studies about hotel guests' preferences have revealed that chocolates rank quite high among the turndown gifts and services favored by guests.

Chocolate is a universally relished delicacy and it finds lovers across age and sex barriers. You will hard pressed to find anyone who can resist biting into a rich and creamy chocolate at any hour of the day. No wonder, the pillow-top treat of chocolate squares has delighted travelers for decades and continues to do so. There is hardly any other sweet that can please the hotel guests more. Most of the hotels order customized chocolate squares for using them as turndown gifts. By getting the pieces personalized with the hotel's name and logo, the hotel hopes to make a deeper impact on its guests and remain in their memories for a long time. An even more personal touch is added by having an appropriate message such as 'Good Night' imprinted on one side of the chocolate squares, while the other carries the name or logo. This small and subtle addition can go a long way in building a good rapport between the hotel and its guests.

There is another way in which the personalized chocolate squares can work as wonderful promotional corporate gifts for the hotels. At times, the guests may not consume all their turndown gifts and carry them back when they leave. Eating them at home reminds them of their pleasant stay and if they share the treats with their friends, the hotel stands to get further publicity.

Many times, little gestures can make a big difference. When the gestures are as sweet as placing customized chocolate squares in the suites by the hotel people for their guests, they are bound to win favorable results for the hotel. The delicious squares contribute in their own little way to enhancing the pleasure of the guests' stay, giving them cherished memories of the visit and turning them into the hotel's loyal patrons.


My wedding in Las Vegas was an event to remember and your Chocolate Casino Chips were the perfect touch for a perfect night. Delicious, beautiful and affordable. Thanks for shipping them directly to my hotel, it was a great suggestion.

Cindy Baumer
Anchorage, AK

Personalized Chocolate Favors

The taste of our excellent chocolates will amaze you. We use premium-quality imported Belgian chocolate and the best quality ingredients to get that intense and delectable flavor that has long been associated with renowned chocolate makers. The best part is that our delicious chocolates are available at competitive prices. Our wide range of chocolates includes custom & personalized chocolate cigars, chocolate coins, chocolate lollipop, chocolate hearts, chocolate truffles, chocolate cookies, chocolate wrapper bars and more.

Chocolate favors - Catering to your unique needs

Our Custom Collection for chocolate cookies, chocolate cigars, chocolate coins, chocolate cd and other products is our mark of distinction. Our superb chocolates are packed elegantly with your name, logo, graphics and dates and form the perfect gift when you need to impress someone.

We make it easy for you to thank your corporate customers, clients, guest and employees. If you are a businessman our chocolates also give you an opportunity to simultaneously create your brand image in the minds of your clients and customers. A completely win-win situation for you!

Our Grab n' Go collection is for those of you looking for the simplicity of a standard design. Grab n' Go chocolate cd, chocolate hearts, chocolate coins, chocolate wrapper bars and chocolate cookies are always available in stock and are the perfect choice for recognitions or gifts.

At Chocolate Favor World we can also help you create unique chocolate pieces as promotional items, suited to your specific requirements. Choose from one of our already existing shapes or design your own shape. Packaging of the chocolate will be in a clear wrapper for maximum exposure.

Chocolate Favors - Special offers

Want to taste our chocolates before ordering them? Check out our FREE samples. You simply need to pay for the shipping expenses, which will be refunded when the actual order for the same product is placed. So you get to taste any chocolate you like from our extensive range and then make your decision. Choose from chocolate coins, chocolate cigars or chocolate cd or any of our other product offerings. At Chocolate Favor World, we bring to you the unique opportunity create our own chocolate designs.